New Bestowed Box delivers monthly assortment of best health food!


With so many monthly box subscriptions on the market (hello Birchbox and Naturebox), it comes as no surprise that there is now a subscription to receive a box of healthy products handpicked by a Dietitian. So when I was told that I was signed up for one, I couldn’t wait to see what handpicked delicious and nutritious treats I would receive.

As an RD myself, saying that I adore snacking is an understatement. I am endlessly on a quest to find the best of the best healthy products on there to satisfy my snack cravings, and just when I thought I knew about every gluten-free, vegan, non-gmo product out there, Heather Bauer, the expert behind Bestowed, proves me wrong.

The box consists of healthy snacks, beverages, and other goodies delivered to your home or office. All products are expertly curated by nutritionist Heather Bauer and unlike other boxes, every box is loaded with expert tips, recipes, and advice!

Here’s what I received and what I thought about each product:

Because it is the summer months, Heather created my Bestowed Box with 2 things in mind: 1) Easy and convenient for travel and 2) Healthy and beach body friendly. My first product was a package called ALMOST NUTS: a gluten-free, non-gmo soy bean snack dipped in chocolate and packed with 9 grams of protein per serving! Heather’s tip was to put these in my yogurt or use as a healthy ice cream topping! Love the idea!


2) AgroLabs Wheatgrass Boosts: I was a little hesitant to try this second product as I have NEVER had wheatgrass (yuck!). But, surprisingly, this gluten-free superfood was pretty tasty. It was packed with B vitamins and super convenient. It had somewhat of an aftertaste though, similar to what you might find in energy drinks, but is a healthier pick-me-up.

3) CleanWell Wipes: Considering I now go through more baby wipes than someone with a baby since my boyfriend insists we wipe our dog’s feet after playing outside, these were incredibly useful and exciting to receive. They are made with thyme oil and are cruelty-free, biodegradable, and free of alcohol!

4) Harvest Hemp Pro70: One of the highest quality hemp protein powders you can find, I thought this was by far one of the coolest products in my box. I think I know my protein powders well, but this was one I had shockingly never heard of. 20 grand of protein per 30 gram serving packet, this plant-based protein is easily digestible and offers all essential amino acids. It’s perfect for vegans and is also gluten-free! I suggest using this as a base for a smoothie or add to recipes for added protein.


5) Mighty Leaf Iced tea bag: I received two of these in mango, which offered a sweet, cooling, and refreshing beverage post-workout as well as a mid-afternoon treat at the beach! With no sugar, all natural and no artificial flavors, this tea is perfect for the summer months! I made a huge pitcher and kept in my fridge to cool me down on hot days.

6) Raw Revolution Spirulina Dream: Okay, so these bars I have tried before. I tried them last year at the Crossfit Games and they have really taken off since then. These bars contain many things you want in a healthy snack. They are organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, and delicious! Plus spiraling is a superfood rich in protein and contains all essential amino acids. The only thing I didn’t like about this all-natural bar was the sugar content. However, you can pack in your beach bag for a nutritious snack OR pair with lunch or breakfast (eat half at one meal and eat half at another or as a snack so as not to ingest all that sugar at once and go into a sugar coma).


7) Smooch Snacks: I can’t tell you how fun these snacks are! Not only is the name awesome but the packs are super cool as well! If you have ever heard of Fuel for Fire- these are like those packs! Easy to take anywhere, convenient, and packed with vitamin C and omega 3’s, these are a a new favorite. I loved the natural flavor with the chunks of fruit and chia seeds that I got. A great mid-day snack for both adults and children. Heather suggests throwing in your beach bag for a quick energy boost.


8) And lastly Sour Cream and Onion BOPS Organic Potato snacks: BOPS are essentially baked potato chips or “crisps” free of additives and preservatives. Another Non-GMO product, gluten-free, and certified organic. The flavor was spot on, but the chips were a bit too airy and there honestly wasn’t much too them. You could definitely tell that less fat was used, but ultimately I think this is the best healthy comparable to potato chips. So if you want a healthier alternative but really love potato chips, give these a try!

Overall, I loved my Bestowed box and loved even more that I was given healthy food that made it easy to stay on track and make good food choices. I’m looking forward to getting future boxes, knowing that all snacks are hand-picked by a health professional that I can trust!


Have any of you tried Bestowed? What did you think?




Boston Blogger Meetup + Healthy New Arrangement!

It’s summertime, and for most in Boston that means endless parties, drinks on our roof decks, too many cocktails subsequently, and attempts to escape to the Cape or Nantucket. Fortunately, two weekend ago, I got to enjoy a little roof deck getaway with some of my favorite bloggers (Susan, Georgina, and Vanessa) in Boston’s historic North End. A gorgeous view, delicious food, great company..what more could you ask for?

photo 4-11photo 2-19

Appetizers and drinks were abound, with one of the highlights being the Crudite Creation I brought! Based out of Newton, I touched base with them a week prior to get the scoop on this healthy piece of art, which complemented my summertime attempts at eating more salads and veggies anyways in the hopes of fitting into my minuscule bikini before my first summer vaca. While I am not too sure my efforts are paying off, it helps having a company who makes healthy eating easy. And, I get to show off my skills in “party dish-bringing.” I absolutely cannot cook nor do I have the time to try and make something somewhat edible before parties, hence the Crudite Creation solution.

What is Crudite Creations? Crudite Creations are delicious, healthy arrangements, similar to Edible Arrangements, but with fresh vegetables arranged in an artful way! Instead of selecting candy coatings and chocolate like you would for fruit, the vegetables are prepared with a variety of gourmet dips, such as Caramelized Onion, White Bean, Hummus, and Ranch. Because I am a huge hummus fan, we got to try the gourmet hummus dip, which was hands down the most heavenly dip I have ever tasted. Plus, everything was gluten free 🙂 If you have food allergies, you can let them know and they are more than happy to accommodate.

photo 1-19

To tell you a little more, all the vegetables used in the Creations are from local suppliers and if you check out their Creations page, there are quite an abundance of selections to choose from. I got to talk to David, one of the owners, and he was generous enough to not only provide me with the arrangement but also answer a few questions below:

1) What areas do you deliver to?

a. We deliver to all areas in Eastern Mass.

2) What is the one thing you wish the public knew about your company that they probably do not?

a. Vegetable bouquets are great addition to any event or celebration, but we also work on corporate events. The vegetable bouquets are also great to send as a sympathy or condolence gift.

3) Where do you source from?

a. We source from local suppliers and when available local farm stands.

4) What is your mission?

a. To create a work of art using healthy and delicious vegetables that adds beauty, flavor and health to every occasion.

5) What does a day in the life of your business look like?

a. Creating new designs and finding new vegetables to include on the bouquets

b. Working with customers

c. Creating awareness for our products

Lauren Brooks, the creator of the company, is clearly passionate about sharing healthy food and I couldn’t be more ecstatic to have found out about this nutritious venture of hers. The Creation needless to say was a HUGE hit, that looked absolutely beautiful, and could be enjoyed by everyone. As an RD, I will admit, I won’t bring sugar to a party and the typical veggie and fruit platter can get a tad boring. You can bet I will be bringing more of these creations to my summer festivities!

If you want to know more or book a creation you can contact them at:

Crudite Creations

Let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: Although I received an arrangement for free to sample and review for my blog, I was not paid for my review and all opinions are my own.