#PrayforBoston: Live the Life you Dream +Donate

Hey Friends! I can’t believe a whole 9 months has gone by since settling into this city (boston) I now call home. With the recent events of this week it’s made me realize how unexpected life turns out to be and how grateful I am to have wonderful family and friends that care about me, are safe, and that matter so much to me. It really makes you realize how each and every day should be seized and not taking for granted. We often get caught up in the day to day mundane tasks and never take the time to appreciate where we are in life or how far we’ve gotten. So, I want to first start this off but saying I am blessed to be safe, happy, healthy, and loved. A quote that comes to mind is this: ” it’s easier to behave in socially accepted ways, however when we live a life circumscribed by the expectations of others .. We live a limited life .” Lois frankel. I often find myself living the life I know others will appreciate and accept and I realize now that life is way too short to do so. When people put us down or do not accept the way we live our lives, I have two words for you: Thank You. Because you’re helping me become the person I need to be…you’re making me stronger and more resilient and even that much more motivated to accomplish all that I have set out to be. I remember when I originally applied to NYU. Many told me “sweetie, NYU is very hard to get into.” Good luck…but what’s your back-up? It was at that moment I set out to prove them wrong..and I did..I got accepted..I ended up transferring but who cares…I proved to myself and others that I am capable of achieving anything and EVERYTHING I set my mind to. It’s my life, not yours..and many people need to step up and start living THEIR life…not the one others laid out for them. 


On a side note, I originally started writing this as I am currently in lock down, and hence have nothing better to do than to write. Do I wish I could go for a run right now? Of course, exercise keeps me sane. Unfortunately this sucker has ruined this 70 degree day for us all. SO, instead, I am sitting out on my back porch, a luxury in Boston, writing to you all as I watch the news unfold. I awoke at 630am due to a panicked call from my boss, urging me to stay at home and, logically, get out of bed and turn on the tv. LOL. So, I did. And for the next 3 hours have continued to anxiously await for this bastard to be caught as well as sit disconcerted at the thought of such terror being so close to home and possibly affecting my life. Hence, the reason for sitting outside, enjoying this beautiful weather, and this moment, attempting to be brimful of hope and happiness. 


In case you are wondering how you can help donate here are some resources thanks to “sarahfit and BostonBachelorette”

1.C2 Pilates will be offering a complimentary barre class on Monday, April 22nd at 5:30pm at their South Boston location at 844 Summer Street.


Thanks for reading and Happy Friday!