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By Shelby Keys, Private Trainer and Nutritionist at Sports Club/LA, Chestnut Hill


The summer is ripe for barbeques, poolside soirees, and of course endless platters of food! With the right education, preparation, and planning summer can be the perfect time to whip up a healthy dish to satisfy every palate. This month I am sharing with you fun recipes and ways to incorporate this nutritionally significant food.

Loaded with calcium, vitamin D, protein, and potassium, Greek yogurt makes a fantastic post-workout snack. For people with lactose intolerance, it is a great option as it contains less lactose than regular yogurt due to the way it is processed and the incorporation of live bacteria cultures.

How is Greek yogurt different from other yogurts?

Greek yogurt has had most of the liquid whey removed through straining. Removing the whey creates a yogurt that is thicker. The thick consistency is one of the reasons it works as a healthy substitute for so many recipes!

Unfortunately Greek yogurts can still be diet bombs and an unhealthy choice if chosen incorrectly. Look for brands with less than 12g sugar per container to keep you on track.

Here are some recipes to get you started. Start with plain Greek yogurt then add:

1 tbsp. chocolate pieces + Strawberries 

1 Teaspoon Honey 

1 Packet Stevia for Truvia 

1 crumbled graham cracker, cinnamon, and walnuts