Dine out Dietitian Review: Bristol Lounge

Have I mentioned that I am a contributor to Dine out Dietitian? A site dedicated to offering YOU, Dietitian approved insider tips to nutritious fare while dining out all over the U.S.! Plus, if you’re a frequent traveler then this site is definitely for you. I can’t tell you how many clients I see that experience anxiety over traveling when trying to be healthy, as travel often involves lack of nutritious fare, long periods of sitting, meals out, and situations out of one’s control. But, to mitigate this anxiety, Dine out Dietitian was created to offer healthy restaurant option in various regions throughout the country. The RD contributors offer ordering suggestions, explanations of the dishes we selected, and insider tips when dining out. So, next time you travel be sure to check out some of the restaurants that made the cut in your visiting city!

My most recent review was on Bristol Lounge (Four Seasons Hotel), in the city of Boston. If you are looking for an upscale, healthy breakfast, look no further.


Depending upon your mood you can order off of the sweet or savory menu. Of course, if you are trying to be health-conscious, stick to savory. You have a couple of healthy options to choose from on this menu, which I love! Their menu doesn’t leave you scouring for hours trying to find something nutritious to eat and they are more than willing to make modifications, not that much are needed. I went with the eggbeater frittata (so delicious!), served with a plethora of vegetables. I didn’t have to choose from potatoes, sausage, or bacon, but could rather choose from 1) Mixed greens or 2) Fruit.

As if the healthy options aren’t already endless enough, you can wash down your meal with a “Sunrise on the Charles” smoothie, packed with carrots, ginger, and blueberries. Or if you are more of a green goddess, you can opt for the kale, apple, and celery smoothie. What isn’t to love about a place you can feel good about going to!

Click here check out my other inside tips and read my full review.


Soon Spoon Pop up w/ PHaDe Food Labs

There is something so stimulating about fresh seasonal fare hitting your nostrils and tastebuds on a rainy night, huddled in a warm apartment, amidst laughter and conversation. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spent my Saturday night, surrounded by 6 other bloggers and one rather famous “twitter-er” (if that’s what they are called). The occasion? A pop-up dinner hosted by a new Start-up referred to as Soon Spoon. Soon Spoon connects foodies with local fine-dining restaurants in Boston and helps YOU obtain a last minute reservation. If you sign up, you will receive a notification as reservations become available by either email, twitter, or text. Hmm– notifications about opportunities to dine last minute at Boston’s most-booked restaurants? Yup- count me in!

Farmstead Table, Puritan & Co, Tupelo, Stir, Menton, Clio, and Uni are just a few of the restaurants Soon Spoon has partnered with
for reasons such as, they are highly creative, small, and special. These restaurants focus on hospitality above all as well as focus on detail and seasonal ingredients to provide their customers with the best dining experience. You certainly won’t find Legal or Morton’s on their list ( not that they aren’t special too, but you know what I mean.)

People who frequently book with Soon Spoon will have the opportunity to receive points as a reward that they can use to attend pop-up dinners- which are completely free! However, cancel a reservation? Bye-bye points!

So, I was invited to attend one of their pop-up dinners, catered by PHaDe Food Labs who served us 6 courses with 6 wine pairings. What’s not to love about that? Plus, the food was spectacular! We arrived around 6:30pm for assorted amuse bouches and wine.  Dinner was served at 7pm, with the first course featuring an Arugula + Beet + Goat cheese salad- a perfect pairing of flavors, textures, and colors. The menu had been thought over for days, tweaked, and finally cooked and served to perfection. Each meal was intricately designed and artistic, such that it pleased both the eyes and palate. Our second dish was a Nantucket Bay Scallop “Sea and Sand” dish that was my absolute favorite. It was my second experience with gastronomical cooking, which includes cooking with modern tools and manipulating ingredients so that they are presented outside of their usual form. This dish in particular included a sea “foam,” and brown butter powder as the sand. It was spectacular and incredibly unique.




Next came out the Maccheroni and Lamb Ragu with Cacao nibs. A perfect balance of sweet and savory, soft and crunchy. What I loved most about the chefs were that they paid particular attention to colors on the plate as well as flavor combinations. I especially enjoyed the 2011 Barbera/Croatina – Cordani La Magia, that accompanied this dish.


Slices of tenderloin sat over a blue cheese puree for our fifth course, paired with smoky asparagus and topped with tidbits of sea salt. This was paired with a 2012 Merlot/Cabernet Calluna from California.


Lastly, what meal would be complete without dessert? Caramelized banana + Miso Chocolate and something known as “shroombread,” rounded this meal out. Although everyone but me couldn’t seem to get enough of the dessert, it was a little to savory for my tastebuds and I found a heavy mushroom flavor coming through. Nonetheless, I appreciated the synergy of the sweet and savory dish and overall the entire experience was one I will never forget. I can’t give enough credit to Soon Spoon for their innovative idea, generosity, and the chefs at Phade who cooked such a lovely meal for us all.You can book PHaDe for a private event in your home using Kitchensurfing  and follow them on Twitter.


On our way out, as if we weren’t already treated like royalty, we all received a parting gift of chocolates wrapped in a petite brown box and sealed with a pink ribbon. Inside were the most delectable truffles provided by Chocolee and handcrafted by Lee herself.

Between the cozy brownstone apartment, foodie enthusiasts, endless glasses of wine, generous hosts, and a few incredible chefs, I had one of the most enriching experiences of my life. One that cannot be understood unless experienced for oneself. So, if you want in on this secret feeling provided by such an experience, I suggest you sign up for Soon Spoon because you can expect many more dinners like this one! You can also follow them on twitter! Here’s to spontaneous dining!


Bloggers Wod at Crossfit Coolidge Corner

Hey hey!

It’s that time of the year when everyone is sick and lucky ol’ me just happened to catch what’s going around. Which means I have been slacking big time when it comes to the gym. A runny nose+coughing doesn’t equal a very good workout. So when the opportunity presented itself to attend a workout at Crossfit Coolidge Corner this sunday for bloggers- I was in! Every so often I get invited to these blogger events where we are provided with the opportunity to try out new products/new services and have fun connecting with fellow  bloggers! 

So,  Crossfit Coolidge Corner invited us to try a Crossfit style workout in their brand new facility on beacon street. I have to say, spending an hour or so working out, specifically cross fit, was not a bad way to start my week. For anyone that knows me, I’m a tad bit obsessed with this high energy, fat-burning, killer workout. 

When we arrived we were taken through the basics of foam rolling. For those of you unaware of the benefits of foam rolling, I wrote all about it not too long ago here. We then went into some basic mobility and movement prep work. I thought it was really neat that even after 2 years of cross fit, I am still learning new ways to prep for a workout! I don’t do much mobility work, but know the importance of it, so I appreciated the instructor taking the few extra minutes to walk us through this and explain it to us.

Then- came the warm up! Hello sprints, high knees, sled pushes, broad jumps! Still sick with a slight cold, this definitely got my heart rate up faster than expected. We managed the sled pushes in team though and ended up having a really fun time with it. Unlike many other Crossfit gyms, this one had a turf, which I found neat for a CF facility and obviously highly versatile! What a great tool to diversify workouts even further. 

Of course no workout would be complete without the actual workout itself! It was an a Strength of strict press 5X5 and ring rows 10 reps 4 sets and then an EMOM (every minute on the minute) on 3 burpees and 2X down and back on the turf with a med ball  (20,14). I enjoy when Cf facilities program this way- first with a strength and then with a higher intensity workout. I find that it really helps prep me for the workout and allows me to work on both systems- cardiovascular and strength. 

Once we started, about the 3rd round in, my legs and arms were definitely burning. This was a tough one, tougher than I thought it would be going in, but it left my lungs smoked and my body sore. Fortunately, with my CF background (at Cf southie) I was able to push through until the end. Probably not the best workout to do post-cold but nonetheless it was highly functional! The instructors were all super friendly and paid close attention to our movements and corrected when necessary. Coach Brett taught the class and he was just fantastic! He was smart about choosing a workout that anyone could do really and go at their own pace. I think it would have been way too difficult for some of the newbies if it was a snatch day or thruster day! Overall it was a safe and effective workout that I think portrayed to some of the other bloggers what cross fit is all about.  One of their core beliefs is that “the real joys of fitness come from the achievement of proper functional movement; learn to move well and you will start to live well.” I think they held firm to this belief through their attention to proper movement. 


After our sweaty session, the event concluded with a goodie bag (how cute is that saying!) filled with a CF coolidge corner T. some yummy matcha sparkling drinks, hint water, and a sweet green (coming to Chestnuthill soon!) headband to keep your hair out of your face. It was super sweet of everyone who contributed to provide us with one incredible workout and the thoughtful goodie bag!


You can check out  CF Coolidge Corner at 1285 Beacon St in Brookline. 


So go check it out! Post below letting me know which workout or Crossfit movements you love the most! 

New Trends in 2014: Reebok’s Fithub Concept

Reebok has recently undergone a whole heck of a lot of rebranding lately..if you haven’t noticed. Not too long ago they partnered with the well-known fitness trend, Crossfit, and have since then begun their mission to empower people to live a fit life. As their fitness ambassador, I have had the chance to get firsthand experience at what their concept store is all about. One of the biggest trends, that many stores like LuLu and Athleta, are incorporating is offering free fitness classes to the community within their store! Want to take a zumba class? Or try a Core Power yoga class? Head to Reebok’s South Shore Plaza Fithub store and you won’t be disappointed.


Wheeled clothing racks on the store’s floor can be pushed aside to make room for these types of classes. Add in Kettlebells, boxes for box jumps, and medballs, and you’ve got what closely resemble a gym rather than a clothing store.

The Braintree store is one of the many fit hub’s slated to open this year. The new store concept is all about mixing retail with regularly scheduled exercise classes. And don’t be surprised if you find that the staff is able to answer any and all health and fitness related questions. The Fit Hub is staffed with fitness, nutrition, and product experts that will help you find the right gear for your workout. You can expect to receive expert advice on the products or on workouts in general.

To encourage consumers to get active, Reebok’s Fit hub offers a plethora of FREE workout classes at the FitHub each week. Inside the store you will find the the Reebok Community Board, designed to connect its customers, but also provide a place where customers can learn how to get involved with other local events, discover new workouts, and learn about hot fitness trends and popular gyms and instructors.

The goal: Give consumers the optimal fitness experience.


Not only will you find cross fit gear in store, but Reebok is really trying to show the public that they are the go-to for most fitness trends with their yoga and dance line as well. Right now people aged 25-35 are dubbed part of the fitness generation. We are the types of people getting out there and trying new trends and we need a product that supports that. We are the ones that will go to a barre class and then later a spin class or a cross fit class, etc. So,  Reebok has really shaped their product to fit these trends in the fitness marketplace. No other company is this well-rounded, though I am sure we will see more companies going this route (ahem LuLu). Right now this is the place that one can go to and pick up product for most of their fitness needs.

So what do you think? Have you tried classes at other stores? Have you liked them?  Will you likely check out this Fit Hub Store?

Holiday Galas and Blogger Meetups

One of the many perks of living in Boston and being a blogger: Always having a full social calendar, especially around the Holidays!

I was recently invited to the annual Boston Blogger Meet-up as well as Boston Common Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide Gala. More than 400 trendsetting companies came out to enjoy the Holiday party, equipped with Land Rover’s, Asian-inspired chef cooking station, signature cocktails, handcrafted beer by Stella Artois, Champagne by Bauer Wines & Spirits, French macaroons by C. Crowell Fine Confections, Jimmy Choo auction items, perfume, delectable desserts, and Mozart Liquor. You name it, it was there! I mixed and mingled and even got to climb inside and experience the interior of the 2013 Range Rover with other excited guests of the party as you can see below.Image

Before that however, I attended the Boston Blogger Meet-up at The Warehouse in downtown Boston. I got to meet Jill Tomich, CEO of the Bombshell Revolution, Molly K, who blogs at WickedCheap Boston, and caught up with GlutenFree Boston Girl. We sipped back wine and chowed down on sliders, while engaging in conversation about our blogs. Some of these bloggers truly amaze and inspire me. Some do this for a living, while others do it as a hobby. But whether it is a job or for fun, many of these women have such successful blogs and are doing great things. It is an honor to get to meet them 🙂

So thank you bloggers and thank you Boston Common Magazine for an incredible evening!

Brunch Delights at Towne Stove and Spirits


When it comes to food, there is nothing I love more than a good Brunch. Though my recent work schedule has prevented me from frequenting brunches with some of my favorite ladies in the #BostonBrunchers group, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the latest gathering. And boy am I glad I did! Boston has quite the hopping Brunch scene, and one of the places on your Go-To list, must include Towne Stove and Spirits.

Located next to the Pru, this classy restaurant boasts quite an exquisite arrangement of dishes to meet your pre and post-shopping fuel needs. Brunch is served on both Saturdays and Sundays, but their Sunday Brunch Buffet is what really Wow’s the crowd.   Here is an inkling of what they offer

·  Breakfast Breads and Pastries
·  Coffee Cakes
·  Cereals
·  Grilled Vegetable & Salad Station with weekly Salad Specials
·  Raw Bar Including Wellfleet Oysters & Jumbo Shrimp
·  Bagels, Salmon & Other Smoked Fishes
·  Selection of Cheeses, Pates & Terrines
·  Carved Meat of the Day
·  Three Hot Entrees (Fish, Meat or Poultry)
·  Including Vegetarian Pasta
·  Maple Bacon,
·  House Made Sausage
·  Grilled Ham
·  Made -to- Order Omelet Station
·  Made -to- Order Pancake Stations
·  Dessert Display


Their menu changes weekly, so when we arrived we were first greeted with glasses of prosecco and coffee and a first course of (my fave) Oysters! I should back the story up a bit by saying I actually arrived late because I had to work, so when I was taken upstairs to the table I first saw just a man with a glass of prosecco. I couldn’t see the rest of the brunches behind the curtain so when the hostess insisted that that was our table, I kindly replied ” Um..no..that’s a man..we don’t have men in our group!” Well- in fact we do! Welcome to the group Alex! Anyways, after I was sat and settled with my coffee and libation, we were asked to go indulge.


The first course arrangement included a cobb salad, shrimp, fruit smoothies, crab, smoked salmon, and a cheese assortment. If you don’t enjoy brunch, at least go for their cheese platter and warm bread pudding. Living with someone who eats paleo, I don’t often get to eat cheese so you can bet I enjoyed every single one of the cheeses they had to offer.

As you can see I kind of went with the unorganized messy approach and just went to town (literally!), as it is an all you can eat buffet.


The second course consisted of maple glazed pork (yummy!), with a maple syrup glaze. The salmon and kale were also really delicious and cooked to perfection. There was also a carving station, made to order omelets (which I unfortunately did not try), and an entire breads and pastries section. Pacing myself for dessert was a challenge.


But, between mini red velvet whoopie pies, chocolate mousse in champagne glasses, and of course their famous warm bread pudding with layers of deliciousness, chocolate bits, and topped off with whip cream, how could I say no? I was in dessert heaven.


Overall, a wonderful time with new friends and old, chatting about Vegas, nutrition, chefs, and of course our blogs! As Towne could put it

“a delightful mingling of international flavors & solid american fare,” was had by all!

Thanks for having us!

On a side note: Fun brunch promo!: The Sunday after Black Friday (Sunday, December 1), Brunch guests will receive a free house-made candy bar (layers of handmade caramel and cookies dipped in milk chocolate) as a way to fuel up before hitting the Pru/Newbury Street for holiday shopping.

Note: Towne Stove and Spirits provided the Boston Brunchers this brunch free of charge. But all opinions expressed here are my own.

Chocolate Therapy: Sweet Sweet Therapy

Okay- so you’re probably wondering where the heck I have been. Well between working two jobs, quitting one of them, working out, attending the Crossfit Games in cali, I have been busy busy busy, with barely any time to commit to my blog. So, once more, I apologize. However, I have some exciting news as I recently accepted a position working for SCLA in Chestnut Hill as their onsite “nutritionist”/Soon to be RD! I will be providing nutritional counseling to the members there as well as bringing exciting nutritious events to the club. 

But anyways, I have also been continually busy with my Brunchers group and not too long ago partook in a chocolate class at Chocolate Therapy in Framingham with Boston Brunchers. Sometimes you need a little break from all that Brunchin’ so this was a great way to have fun and take part in a chocolate making class! I attended a chocolate event with another group not to long ago and Cocoanuts and had a blast so when the opportunity arose you can bet I was on board! A nutrition guru and huge foodie, I obviously have a love for delicious dark chocolate…well let’s be honest..all chocolate for that matter. I truly believe food can be therapeutic, with protein being energizing, and chocolate being calming.


Chocolate therapy offers a distinct line of artisan chocolates that are delectable, and not to mention served by some of the nicest owners you will ever meet! Pam and Rick were warm and friendly and might I say quite patient will all of us packed into their chocolate making room, taking photos for our blog posts of course, and chatting away. They also were quite generous with their chocolate, allowing us to undoubtedly produce the worst looking truffles man has ever seen. It is incredible difficult to form a solid round truffle! Which I suppose didn’t matter, because all of them ended up passing through my lips and into my stomach anyways. 🙂





We got to get our hands dirty rolling chocolate balls, dipping them in cocoa, making chocolate bark, and sampling way too many flavors. How fun?! Chocolate Therapy not only makes great chocolate, but they host parties for kids and adults! That’s right! You (or you’re children) can have a party there. Hello 21st century! When I was a kid, a birthday party consisted of inflatable Jump and Slide’s and maybe a piñata if I was lucky. Kids these days are so spoiled and can now have a chocolate party. But they also host adult parties so I guess I can’t complain too much. #24th b-day party idea. 




Anyways, I can’t believe I worked out in Framingham for over a month and never once heard about this place! The flavors are innovative and fresh, ranging from olive oil infused dark chocolate with sea salt, honey marshmallow (my favorite by far!), cinnamon, cayenne, and bay leaf pepper chocolate, and hazelnut ganache dipped in rich Belgium chocolate. Need I say more?



We learned what goes into the chocolate making process, all about tasting chocolate, and how to store it (room temp, NOT refrigerated!). At the end of the evening we walked away with a baggie full of the chocolate we made and I of course bought 6 more for ride home. So, I highly recommend you check them out. Wonderful owners. Local business. Delicious Chocolate and not to mention ice cream AND coffee. They are also hoping to serve beer and wine soon because honestly what goes better with chocolate?





As a side note, I received this class at Chocolate Therapy, free-of-charge through Boston Brunchers in exchange for a blog post about it. Opinions are my own.

Thanks Brunchers + Chocolate Therapy for the wonderful time!

Location: Framingham, MA ( Worcester RD) and they also have another location at Legacy Place in Dedham, MA.

Current Obsessions, Chocolate, and Health

photo-19 photo-14 photo-13 photo-12This morning I had the lovely opportunity of not having to go to work, but rather partake in an interview as it’s that time of year when I’m due to get that dreaded 3-letter word known as a

J-O-B. I rather enjoy interviews though as I have the chance to express who I am for an hour or so with the hopes that my personality and credentials will be well received. And so it seemed to go well, with the only question left hanging in the air to be one of “what to do with the rest of this marvelous day? There’s been a few places in mind that I’ve been dying to visit due to suggestions from the Boston Brunchers as well as other bloggers and so it only seemed fitting to explore. As I was on Boylston, which felt kind of odd and somewhat eery considering the last time I was there the marathon bombing occurred, I decided I would check out a place known as “Juice.” It has the reputation for offering fresh, healthy, and delicious fare and I was in the mood for a good ol clean and light lunch and hence, embarked on my journey to find JUICE! I..absolutely..adore..this..place. Located right next to Back Bay station, this place not only provides fresh squeezed juices and smoothies, but also organic snacks, salads, chia seed pudding, and acai bowls. I opted for the acai bowl ( who could resist blended acai, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, topped with season fresh berries and granola?). Of course, my main reason for visiting was the juice, so I got the #1. Can you tell I made it far down the menu? the #1 sounded too good to pass up (kale, cucumber, lemon, ginger, and green apple) that I didn’t even bother to read the others.

Needless to say, totally met my expectations and this is a place I plan on frequenting often if you ever want to try some awesome juice with me. This might turn into an expensive habit as do most Boston obsessions of mine….

The PIRLO- SPINACH CUCUMBER PINEAPPLE BANANA STRAWBERRY AND APPLE CIDER also seemed to be a popular item. So swing by and check this place out!

I topped this wonderfully healthy lunch off with a rice cake topped with PB +frozen bananas+chocolate. YUMMY!

Super Cool Event Coming your Way!- Wellness Retreat: Boston

Hey friends!

Expect a short post, but I just had to share this super cool event I just signed up for! It’s called Wellness by the Water Retreat (they offer it here in Boston a few times a year). Basically get ready for yoga, relaxation, and a day of HEALTH, by the water of course!

It’s MAY 19TH and I believe it’s an all day event committed to fitness and health (yoga, spa service, nutrition). What more could you ask for?



  • Bootcamp
  • Yoga
  • Stretch & Breath Work
  • Nutrition
  • Spa Services
  • Wellness Services
  • Catered nutritious meals and snacks
  • Health & Wellness companies providing information and samples of their products!

Be sure to sign up ASAP to reserve your spot and if you sign up let me know! I’d love to see you there and I would love for you to join me in this day of relax and renewing the body, mind, and spirt. 

Just click here to sign up! Price is usually around $200. Yay hope to see you there!

Boston Brunchers Heat it Up at The Fireplace

Anyone who knows me knows I am a) a huge foodie and b) I adore breakfast/brunch. Back home, in Rochester, NY we have this AWESOME diner known as Billy’s that during the summers my family and friends pretty much frequent this hopping joint daily. Breakfast/brunch is a great time to jump start the metabolism and get us ready for the day’s activities. Therefore, logically, when I came across the group “BostonBrunchers” I knew we would be like two peas in a pod and just had to join this wonderful group! For those of you unfamiliar with Boston Brunchers, they are a group of (you guessed it) people who come together for convo+delicious food and then blog about it! You sort of have to win a spot for their events as you don’t always get to attend each and every event. So, when I was selected to attend my first ever brunch event last sunday OF COURSE I was ecstatic and knew I couldn’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity. What a great way to network, make new friends, and engage in conversation and delectable food.

And let me say my expectations were met. On Sunday, April 14th, I had the pleasure of joining I believe 8 other ladies for a delicious Brunch in Brookline at a restaurant called “The Fireplace. According to the BostonBrunchers description: ” It is  a New England grill and barbeque, with an emphasis on wood-smoked and rotisserie  dishes that utilize the freshest ingredients” with a focus on clean, healthy, locally sourced, seasonal food. Of course there is a fireplace right as you walk in and the place embraces you with a sense of warmth and homeyness.

photo-17 photo-15 photo-16 photo-20 photo-21 photo-18 photo-16 perfect waffle bread

And the wait staff strove to continue that vibe, as they were all so attentive, friendly, and outgoing, upholding the standards expected of them at such a nice restaurant.

As this was my first event, I was unsure of how the ordering worked. Would we all order separate dishes or a bunch to share? I love sharing! Fortunately, because the menu was so daunting (even though I love having so many choices), the girls thought it best to order a few savory dishes to share as appetizers and then we’d also each order our own.

As the waiter brought out a citrus salad with beets and oranges, vegetable hash, Seared Confit Duck and Arugula Salad with Dried Apricots, and my own lobster eggs benedict, I couldn’t help but gaze at the gorgeous food laid out before me. The colors were incredibly rich and bright and really brought the food to life. Not to mention, my satisfaction with knowing this restaurant’s dedication to regional and season ingredients.

I had originally intended to get the pumpkin pancakes with cranberry apple glaze and whipped cream, and still longed to get that, but also desired to get the lobster eggs benedict as it sounded way too good! Fortunately, one of the other girls said she’d split the pancakes with me! (I love these girls already!), so I was able to get both 🙂 Happy Belly. And, I’m glad we got them, because they were by far the best pancakes I have ever had and the maple syrup was that REAL maple syrup that you just can’t get enough of.

The salads as well were light and fresh, however, covered in just a tad too much dressing for my liking. Additionally, I found lipstick on my spoon which led me to wonder how clean the other plates were :/ I didn’t make a fuss over it just simple wiped it off, but it definitely put a dent in the experience for me. Not to complain too much, but I would have preferred my lobster to be soaked in a tad less butter, I’m a nutrition student after all. This place is definitely for those with rich and hearty appetites who are looking for luxurious comfort food, not for the health conscious.

On a positive note I scored seats next to BostonBachelorette and  tutusandtea who are absolutely the sweetest! We shared tidbits of information on some of our fav Boston hideaway spots (boutiques, cafes, restaurants), dished on some of the hottest workouts around town, and simply engaged in lighthearted conversation. My favorite part about Brunch I think was getting to know this amazing group of individuals who have such a passion for Boston and all it has to offer just like I do!

I can honestly call some of these girls new friends and of course have to thank The Fireplace for their delicious brunch and for bringing us all together!

p.s. Due to dining with BostonBrunchers, I enjoyed this meal free of charge. My thoughts and opinions were in no way influenced by this.