This past Friday (okay a few fridays ago at this point), kind of on an impulse, I decided to join fellow Crossfitters and Bostonianas on the hills of Allston for what is known as November Project. Per usual, I enjoy throwing my body into intense workouts, and I had heard about this group for quite some time. So around 630am (yup 630!), after groggily forcing my body up out of bed and downing a quick cup of coffee, I met up with a few friends and the other insane participants, to anxiously await for the workout to begin. The workout that day was 45 minutes of steep hill runs, repeatedly running up and down the steepest hill I have ever encountered. Then around 7am, it began to rain. But, that didn’t stop us, as we climbed hill after hill, determined to finish. It was a race against the clock, and we all wanted to win, even though we were only competing against ourselves of course.

The morning rain reminded me that Summer is almost over with the runners having to take the streets and stairs in the dark. I had to remind myself that this is only rain and that for the past year some of these individuals have met in wind, rain, and even snow! It’s at that point that your bed (and body!) starts telling you that sleeping in is much better than working out. According to November Project “Being #WeatherProof is way more badass than snuggling with your pillow.” Of course, I don’t plan to continue this into the winter.. I’ll take my heated crossfit box over snow any day.


So what exactly is November Project and how did it start? It started with two highly motivated, competitive individuals named Bojan and Brogan, who were looking for a way to get an intense workout in, no matter how cold, hungry, or tired, without the cost of a gym membership essentially. And hence, November project was started. It has turned into a group of well over 100 people, coming together to run, and build a sense of community. You arrive, you are greeted by a hug, and then you run. So, if you’re a runner or looking to get started with running, this is a great group to check out! Next time you are in Boston be sure to stop by! You can follow Nov. Proj @Nov_Project.