Elephant Walk Review

Recently, I had the opportunity to try the new Elephant Walk, located in the South End, with my Blog & Tweet Boston friends.

The Elephant Walk is a French and Cambodian restaurant that has been family-owned and operated since 1991. It offers a broad range of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. What’s particularly unique about it is that it does not combine French AND Cambodian flavors but rather separates the two so that you are either getting a French dish or a Cambodian dish. I had been to their previous Brookline location before for dinner and absolutely fell in love with the food. Their dinner menu was full of flavor and packed with nutritious veggies. As the chef said “it’s all about good food that your body says thank you for.”


The chefs strive to maintain healthy, nutritious and innovative menus, unfortunately though I had a difficult time finding the any of the brunch dishes healthy.


For the first few dishes we got Rouleaux (Cambodian spring rolls) and then I also tried the B’baw Mouan (gluten free), which had chicken breast, fried garlic, fresh herbs and lime. The soup and spring rolls were both delicious. The spring rolls were nice and crunchy and my soup had a nice thick texture to it and was not overly salty.


For the main course, I wanted the Oeufs Brouillés au Kapik Khing (Cage-free egg scrambled, PT Farm pork belly slow-cooked with Khmer spices, cucumber pickles), but they were out of it. So, instead, I got the Oeufs Brouillés, Saucisses au Sirop d’Erable (Cage-free egg scrambled, maple syrup sausages, shallot confit). However, they told us the dishes could not be made with egg-whites. My meal came out and while the potatoes were cooked well, I only ate about 1/4 of the eggs because they were so oily. I wished they hadn’t used so much oil or butter! Additionally, I felt like I was getting your basic eggs and sausage. There wasn’t much flavor or anything special about it, which was disappointing because I really wanted something new and different.


A lot of the dishes other people ordered looked good, such as the Crêpe au Canard (crepe filled with duck braised in soy tamarind juices, portobello mushroom, crème frâiche, scallion, dressed baby greens). And fortunately, I ended the meal with dessert, which was impeccable. Dessert consisted of tart and sweet passion mousse in almond lace cups, or lemon layer cakes with lemon custard and lemon sorbet. I personally enjoyed the Gâteau Choco-Caramel, which is chocolate caramel cake with vanilla ice cream, crême Anglaise and ganache.

All in all, though it was only a mediocre experience between the bland main dish, lack of having what I wanted to order, and super slow service, I do enjoy their dinner menu and would probably go back for brunch again and try some of the other dishes that people got. Plus, I certainly didn’t mind the open windows and decor 🙂

If you have been before, let me know what you ordered and how your experience was! I would love to revisit and try something else!

I had brunch at no charge for this review and my opinions are unbiased.