Sweet Day in ChestnutHillSq with Boston Brunchers

This summer has been kind of lame for me as far as spending time outdoors. Yes- I’ve done a day trip to Maine and spent a lovely vacation in Newport, but I live in freaken South Boston, which should equate to multiple weekends, if not every weekend, at the beach. However, I think I have made it to the beach only a handful of times, let alone outside to relax. So, when I was offered the opportunity to take part in a Boston Bruncher day out in Chestnut Hill, you bet I jumped at the opportunity.

There is no better way to spend a Sunday than brunching, with some additional exercise beforehand. As a Personal Trainer and Dietitian, you can bet I was super excited to attend this event because not only were we working out, but lunch would be provided by the delicious and healthy Sweetgreen followed by not-so-healthy and sinful Sweet bakery cupcakes. But, I am a HUGE cupcake fan and that is just something I have come to accept. I have a sweet tooth and will indulge it frequently.
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To my surprise, New Balance was there to equip us with their new 880’s for our hike AND Tom Tom provided us with their GPS Sports watch to track our caloric burn and heart rate. Super cool and how generous!
I liked how “techy” the watch was but we all got different calorie readings, and miles walked, which was definitely an error.

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Anyways, after our 3 mile hike, our tummies were ready for some Sweetgreen gazpacho, salad, and their refreshing basil blueberry lemonade. Having worked in CNH (chestnut hill), I’ve been to Sweetgreen a handful of times, but I always look forward to trying something new. Their options are nearly endless and they serve up some pretty delicious and healthy salads. We were greeted with a variety of options to try, and if we didn’t get the salad we desired or had an allergy, they were quick to whip us up exactly what we wanted. I tried the Spicy Sabzi, which is quite spicy, but I loved it! Packed full of fresh veggies, with a little kick, it satisfied my taste buds and left my belly more than happy :). Now off to Sweet Cupcake!

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Sweet Cupcake originated in Boston, where they bake 20 varieties of cupcakes daily! When we walked in we were greeted with 3 different varieties of cupcakes, but the fun didn’t stop there. We were encouraged to try their range of flavors, and trying and savoring we did! We enjoyed a strawberry shortcake cupcake, which was my absolute favorite, along with what I think was a mocha or cappuccino cupcake. The strawberry shortcake one was perfectly light and fluffy. I must say that I appreciated that each cupcake had a distinct texture, color, and flavor. For example, the chocolate cupcakes were more dense and rich, while the fruiter ones consisted of a lighter cupcake. Not many “cupcakeries” or cupcake shops will match the cake and frosting texture and richness to the type of cupcake. It’s clear Sweet pays attention to all of the intricacies of cupcake making, ensuring a delectable experience. Plus, Sweet Cupcakes even sells pup cakes for your pooch! I must admit I bought a few for my own pup 🙂 This was a perfect ending to our sweet day.

photo 1photo 3

I was so impressed with everyone’s generosity and hospitality, and I must admit, this was by far my best Bruncher experience (even though brunch was moreso lunch). Regardless, I walked away having had a wonderful and fun-filled day with the Brunchers! I look forward to my next trip to ChestnutHill Square!

Disclaimer: This event was provided free of charge to me as a member of the Boston Brunchers, although all opinions are my own.

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