B/Spoke Launches New Spin Studio in Boston

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Not too long ago I was invited to check out Boston’s latest spin studio, known as B/Spoke. Started by two friends, looking for an escape from the stresses of life and injuries from other fitness forms, B/Spoke opened its doors in the financial district. Having tried out The Handle Bar as well as Soul Cycle (you can read my review here), I was psyched to have the opportunity to try yet another indoor cycling class.

Mark, B/Spoke’s cofounder, puts it perfectly when he says ” when you work in a stressful environment, fitness becomes a form of meditation.” Being in the studio, I realized that fitness to me really is a time that I can dedicate solely to myself, helping relieve the stresses of daily life. Yes- Mark admits it is quite strange to find inner peace amidst this crazy loud spin session, but it’s possible.

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What I loved most about this studio was not only the NYC ambiance, but the music and the instructor. Just like the Handle Bar and Soul Cycle, it utilized free weights during the class. Unlike SoulCycle though, I didn’t really feel like our rhythm was set to a beat or that we were having a dance party or engaging in any choreographed moves on the bike. It was simple and straightforward, which I liked….and the instructor played some kickass beats. What I also enjoyed that was different was that each bike came with a calorie tracking/monitoring device on each bike. I actually got to see roughly how many calories I was burning- which I always wondered about in a spin class. The device also tracks heart rate zone, average speed (RPM), average power, total power, distance, and more. I was told you could burn typically 600-800 calories in an hour session and that’s sooooo not true! I burned about 450 calories working my butt off the entire time, so chances are your average Joe is likely only burning about 300 calories a session (my spin instructor friends would agree if you doubt me).

Anyways, if you go online, you’ll also notice that B/Spoke offers online performance tracking, nutritional advice, and a regular journal to act as a guide to living a fun, healthy, and balanced life in Boston! How cool is that!

To tell you a little bit about their other amenities:

You don’t need to even bring your own. Shoe rentals are free of charge at the front desk. (NOTE: Their pedals are ONLY compatible with SPD shoes. So if already own LOOK compatible shoes oh well, I encourage you to take advantage of their complimentary shoe rental.)

There’s no need to bring your own lock. The guest lockers have coded locks to keep your stuff safe.

Yup- they even provide free bottled waters at the front desk, plus a purified water refilling station for you to fill up your reusable water bottles. For those who forget their water bottle, they sell S’WELL brand bottles at the front desk that are 100% BPA Free.

SIX showers(!) and separate changing areas, equipped with amazing Aesop brand bath products (THAT SMELL DELICIOUS IF I MUST SAY SO MYSELF). There are also plenty of hairdryers, straighteners, and other beauty products available, so you can head back to the office or out on the town looking and smelling great.

Okay- if that’s not enough to entice you to try out this studio, maybe the fact that your first ride is complementary will. B/Spoke invites newcomers to check out a class!

You can check out prices online here: http://www.bspokestudios.com/buy-credits
B/SPOKE offers single classes and an array of bulk packages ranging from $20-27 per class as well as corporate and student discount programs. With six classes scheduled each weekday and four weekend options, B/SPOKE caters to any hectic schedule and lifestyle with the utmost convenience. Bikes can be reserved online up to seven days in advance via http://www.bspokestudios.com and walk-ins are also welcome.

B/SPOKE Studios is located at 101 Federal Street in Boston’s Financial District and is open Monday through Friday from 5:00am through 8:00pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8:30am through 11:30am. For more information, please call 617.951.9900 or visit http://www.bspokestudios.com. Follow B/SPOKE Studios on Twitter at @BSPOKEstudios, Instagram at @BSPOKElife and Facebook at /BSPOKEStudios.

I definitely hope you check it out and let me know what you think!

Have any of you already tried B/Spoke? Thoughts?
Photo credit given to studio TROKIA

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