Bloggers Head to SoulCycle CNH

I’ve been dying to give SoulCycle a try, a studio dedicated guessed it..spinning! So, when I heard it was coming to Chestnut Hill, at a location right across from where I work, I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to give it a go! This past Sunday I joined about 15 others bloggers on one heck of a sweaty spinning journey. SoulCycle I found out is about spinning, dancing, partying, and doing it all together, as a community. Their theory is that through inspirational instructors, candlelight, heat, and upbeat music, riders can “let loose, clear their heads and empower themselves.” In only 45 minutes you get a kick-ass workout that incorporates strength training and core work all within the confines of a small spin studio. But, if you can find a way to connect with the music and the class, you can expect to feel transformed.

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When I first arrived, I was greeted by a jolly fellow, who provided me with the proper pair of shoes for the ride (I would need to clip in) as well as lead me to my designated locker. Right away I noticed the bright yellow colors and positive vibe of the studio. Even on this rainy day, you felt happy coming to a place like this. It had a spa-like design to it!

SoulCycle was gracious and offered us first-timer’s no charge for the shoes or water.. But, subsequent classes will cost you roughly $30-$35. Whoah! After getting settled in I went over to my bike to try to get set-up. I’ve done spinning a bunch of times before but never at a spin-only studio so I’ve never had to really strap in before. Luckily, after awkwardly failing to strap in properly, a helpful employee assisted me with the settings and clip in. I was ready to go!

As we began, I couldn’t help but notice how hot the room was! It was like a hot yoga class but for spinning! Nonetheless, I adjusted and was able to settle into my ride. Our class was super energetic as was the instructor, the music was pumping, and I could really feel the energy and enthusiasm radiating from the class. It definitely gave off that club-like atmosphere with the music being a tad too loud for my liking (I suppose why they keep ear plugs at the front desk).

When we got to the strength training portion, my weights were way too light and I felt like I didn’t benefit at all from it. I was scared to unclip because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get back in and the instructor wasn’t exactly helpful with others who had to clip in and out. So, that was frustrating and I wish there an option to keep a few different pound weights at the bike, but I suppose next time I will just grab heavier. I also didn’t really feel the core exercises we did but perhaps it is a form thing.

Nonetheless, the cardio workout I got from this was pretty awesome, despite being sore from the previous week’s workouts at my gym. I left sweat, tired, and hungry, but refreshed at the same time. It felt good to sweat out the weekend’s toxins and I can definitely see how people get hooked. The energy of the classes can really be addicting!

Post-workout we were greeted by employees from Sail Loft and Athleta who provided us with complementary drinks and discounts. Unfortunately, the last thing I wanted to do was shop after being so gross and sweaty! Sorry- Sail Loft- next time!

Overall, SoulCycle provides a challenging but not impossible ride. The workout was pretty simple, effective, but I honestly didn’t feel like I my heart was ever going to explode like it does in Crossfit. I have a hard time speaking to it though as I have never tried Pursuit or Flywheel so I feel as if I don’t have much to compare it to. I have heard that you can track your progress at Flywheel, as well as compete against others and/or yourself, which is a pretty neat option! Regardless, I had such a fun time pedaling away with new bloggers and old and would certainly come back!

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Thanks Boston Bloggers for this opportunity as well as SoulCycle, Sail Loft, and Athleta!

Question: Have you tried SoulCycle and/or Flywheel? Thoughts?

I received this complementary class to review for my blog and as part of the BostonBloggers. I was not paid for my review and all opinions are my own.


3 thoughts on “Bloggers Head to SoulCycle CNH

  1. Interesting! I hear it’s a lot like Recycle with the intentions, candlelight, and light weights on the bike. Having tried Recycle, Pursuit, Flywheel, and Velo-City, I now lean more toward doing traditional spin (like Pursuit and Flywheel with the exception of the one arm song). I like that Flywheel gives ranges for torque and RPM because it’s sometimes hard to gauge what resistance I should put on for “an ___ out of 10” or “flat road.” The stadium feel of Flywheel and Velo-City is cool, but I think I prefer the smaller size of Pursuit and Recycle.

    • Interesting! I feel like I am always lost too with the resistance so I would definitely like if it said RPM and torque. I am unsure I would like to stadium feel though but who-knows! I’ll have to give it a try. What did you like about the traditional spin the best? Thanks for your insight!

      • Any time! 🙂 I prefer traditional spin mostly because I prefer to keep the spinning and strength separate. I like lifting heavy in personal training and CrossFit and lifting light at barre, and feel that it’s hard to maintain good form when trying to lift light weights or doing pushups on a spin bike. I also think that it detracts from the spinning effort if you’re trying to focus on the arm movements.

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