Cabot Cheese Mystery Package


It’s that time of year again when a package full of cabot cheese shows up at my door, leaving me completely baffled and surprised. It’s always the same time of year, same 3 cheeses, and no note whatsoever left inside. What’s particularly peculiar about this funny annual occurrence is that my blog is PALEOPRINCESS- hence leading one to assume that I do not consume cheese. Yet, every year that seems to be overlooked and I receive a noteless package of Cabot Cheese. The reason I am writing this post is to hopefully find the answer to why this mysterious cheese shows up on my doorstep. Perhaps it is a test of my self-discipline as I do love cheese and will enjoy it in moderation but do not typically keep any around the house. I will certainly not complain for the lovely three cheeses which I received as it was quite thoughtful and kind, yet I would prefer this cheese go to someone else’s craving belly, where it will be more fully embraced and enjoyed 🙂

BUT, while I’m on the topic of Cabot cheese, I owe it to them to at least discuss the benefits of their product. I mean..come is really good cheese. Their cheese is all-nautral, lactose-free, gluten-free ( of-course), and is located throughout NY and New England (local!). 

Plus, Cabot also sells Greek-style yogurt rich in protein and Vitamin D. Everything about it is tasty, rich, and creamy, and when I do indulge in dairy products, I go for their cheese. For a healthy snack or dessert, you can take their yogurt and add in some honey, nuts, or fruit, and voila- yumminess in a cup!

The RD side of me knows that obtaining enough calcium and Vitamin D is essential for a healthy body, especially females, and using Cabot’s products is one great way to go about getting enough!

So, thank you Cabot for the cheese, and if anyone wants any, let me know 🙂

3 thoughts on “Cabot Cheese Mystery Package

  1. Mystery solved. I along with my colleagues who head up the CabotFit team sent the packages your way after you applied for a spot on the team for Beach to Beacon (2013) and Vermont City Marathon (2014). A little email related to CabotFit should’ve made it to your inbox after each to let you know we’d be sharing cheese, but I guess it didn’t make it. So sorry! Hope you can have a few friends over to enjoy!

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