Yes I eat Donuts


A few weeks ago I went on vacation to visit my family, a much needed trip away from this cold and terrible winter in Boston. If there is anything though that you need to know about my family though it’s that we like to eat, and we eat a lot…not even like nutritious fare..just downright coat your arteries and pack on the pounds type of food. I tried running a few days while I was there, but  I drank too much, ate too much, and allowed myself one too many indulgences.

We arrived in Florida on my birthday, and when my boyfriend and I got to the house my parents were staying at, we were immediately greeted with the infamous handmade donuts, crafted by the donut shop down the street. Most of the car ride was filled with mouth-watering stories about the fried croissants (yes- basically fried butter!) and of course these donuts. So, naturally, by the time we got to the house, over-tired and gross from the plane-ride, I was itching for a donut. I have a terrible sweet tooth and I know it! I ate about half of one of the donuts and part of a croissant, reveling in each bite. 


Not too long after, my dad had the idea to make bacon pancakes. Yup- pretty much bacon cooked into a pancake – eek! It was god-awful and so gross, but I did try one. All I have to ask is are you getting the picture of the types of food I grew up on yet? 


The rest of the trip was filled with buttery fish, fried oysters, and the like, and when I got back to Boston I couldn’t be happier to get back on my daily food routine. You see, even as a Dietitian, I am not perfect nor should I be. I enjoyed my vacation and all of the foods in moderation. I certainly didn’t gorge myself but did allow myself to try foods I would’t normally have. When I told a friend at Crossfit about my weekend, her response was “Shelby eats donuts?!” And all I can say is, yes, yes I do 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Yes I eat Donuts

  1. I love and appreciate your open honesty regarding the ups and downs of your healthy regimen. Many of us can be a bit intimidated by RD’s and even be afraid they will judge us for our eating habits. It’s great to see such a wonderful (and realistic) balance!

    • Thanks Georgina and Thanks for following! Don’t ever be intimidated! We are real people who eat real food and junk food too! All things in moderation..

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