Are you healthy?

So I couldn’t help but post twice, but I promise this will be short. You see, I recently got a message from the CEO of a program called Inside tracker. Pretty cool right? Especially considering Tara Mardigan, Red Sox RD hello!, is their lead Dietitian. Anyways I will be leading my peers at Sports Club/LA to bring this science-driven individualized program to our clientele. This will be a very exciting partnership and opportunity for me!

The way it works is you first have to get your blood drawn and then Inside Tracker gives you recommendations and an optimal eating plan. All InsideTracker recommendations are based on scientific evidence and tailored to you. You can get your blood drawn at any time by your doctor and it might tell you that your vitamin D levels are in the healthy range…but that’s not individualized to YOU and your habits. If you exercise, eat healthy, get enough sleep, etc. this will tell you what part of the healthy range you should be in based upon your habits.

For example, a few months ago I got my HDL (good cholesterol) checked and it read 48..not bad my doctor said- “you are perfectly healthy!” My response: “are you kidding me? I am a Dietitian who works out 1-2 times a day AND I eat healthy! Optimal and heart protective is at least 60 mg and you are telling that this is okayyyy?” You see she didn’t know any better and based upon my habits my HDL was not in my healthy range or where it should have been. Let’s just say I spent the next 4 weeks eating tablespoons of olive oil and flax seed atop bowls of oatmeal and logged extra miles at the gym..okay not that extreme but you get the point.

Fortunately, Inside Tracker tells you where you personally should be. It also allows you to consult with a Dietitian (me in this case at the Club) to allow you to get your nutrient levels to where they need to be. Worried if you have iron deficiency or Vitamin D deficiency? This test is a great way to find out! It allows you to see if you are obtaining enough nutrients from real food and where your diet can be improved.  You then meet with an RD to discuss what foods you should consider adding to your diet to increase your nutrient levels or if a supplement is necessary.

What I love about this program is its focus on whole health and not body weight!  Many of us simply do not know if we are obtaining enough nutrients so why not get a simple measurement?

The InsideTracker can also test you for bone and muscle health, strength and endurance levels and minerals. It takes about 10 minutes to get your blood drawn and then you send your blood vials in.

They also offer a home kit to test blood glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides but you have to draw your blood yourself ( just a few drops no worries!).

At the end of all of this you get personalized recommendations to help you improve your health and then I recommend going back to re-test and see if the recommendations you (hopefully) implemented made a difference!

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