Healthy Bar Finds – yes they do exist! #Jerryremys

Have you ever been out at a sports bar and wondered to yourself, what can I possibly eat?  Whether you eat 100% Paleo or not paleo at all you probably value a healthy meal from time to time. And more likely than not, you have been out with friends at a bar and felt like the options were anything but conducive to feeling good about your food choices the next morning.

Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill agrees that sports bars need to offer healthier options.  Therefore their chefs have committed to creating healthier menu options for CrossFitters.  They believe that you can enjoy both a spring Red Sox game and a delicious, Paleo meal.

They will be working on creating healthier options for all but have already taken huge steps with their vegan and vegetarian menu. They also offer gluten free pasta and rolls! Did you know that you can get a fresh apple crisp and kale salad? At a sports bar of all places! I am looking forward to seeing what other healthy, paleo friendly options pop up on the menu!

Credit given to Tamara Wyzanski, crossfitter and yoga instructor, for writing part of this post and for collaborating with JerryRemy’s!


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