New Trends in 2014: Reebok’s Fithub Concept

Reebok has recently undergone a whole heck of a lot of rebranding lately..if you haven’t noticed. Not too long ago they partnered with the well-known fitness trend, Crossfit, and have since then begun their mission to empower people to live a fit life. As their fitness ambassador, I have had the chance to get firsthand experience at what their concept store is all about. One of the biggest trends, that many stores like LuLu and Athleta, are incorporating is offering free fitness classes to the community within their store! Want to take a zumba class? Or try a Core Power yoga class? Head to Reebok’s South Shore Plaza Fithub store and you won’t be disappointed.


Wheeled clothing racks on the store’s floor can be pushed aside to make room for these types of classes. Add in Kettlebells, boxes for box jumps, and medballs, and you’ve got what closely resemble a gym rather than a clothing store.

The Braintree store is one of the many fit hub’s slated to open this year. The new store concept is all about mixing retail with regularly scheduled exercise classes. And don’t be surprised if you find that the staff is able to answer any and all health and fitness related questions. The Fit Hub is staffed with fitness, nutrition, and product experts that will help you find the right gear for your workout. You can expect to receive expert advice on the products or on workouts in general.

To encourage consumers to get active, Reebok’s Fit hub offers a plethora of FREE workout classes at the FitHub each week. Inside the store you will find the the Reebok Community Board, designed to connect its customers, but also provide a place where customers can learn how to get involved with other local events, discover new workouts, and learn about hot fitness trends and popular gyms and instructors.

The goal: Give consumers the optimal fitness experience.


Not only will you find cross fit gear in store, but Reebok is really trying to show the public that they are the go-to for most fitness trends with their yoga and dance line as well. Right now people aged 25-35 are dubbed part of the fitness generation. We are the types of people getting out there and trying new trends and we need a product that supports that. We are the ones that will go to a barre class and then later a spin class or a cross fit class, etc. So,  Reebok has really shaped their product to fit these trends in the fitness marketplace. No other company is this well-rounded, though I am sure we will see more companies going this route (ahem LuLu). Right now this is the place that one can go to and pick up product for most of their fitness needs.

So what do you think? Have you tried classes at other stores? Have you liked them?  Will you likely check out this Fit Hub Store?

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