New ways to Workout for the Newbie!

A new year calls for a new workout regimen. Or a regimen in general. Whether you are new to working out or a fitness pro, I get it! You all want to be in the gym, lifting and tucking in the latest barre class, powering through Crossfit, or redefining and burning fat in the latest HIIT class. But real change doesn’t just come and go. It lasts throughout the seasons. So before you go squandering your time away without any clue of what to do in the gym or burn yourself out by jumping too quickly into an extreme fitness class, let me give you some pointers.

Number one, start small. Jumping too quickly into a fitness routine will only set you up for disaster.

Second, work your way up. Progress is key, but decide what you are capable of before going big. There’s no shame in going at your own pace, which will also reduce your risk of injury.

Lastly, focus on the elements of a top-notch workout session. This includes effective, total body, and multi-joint. So, if you’re new to the gym and looking to get started, look no further! Here are some key workout movements you can do at home, or in the gym for a time-efficient, effective workout!

1) Start with a basic Warm-up! This is essential to prepping the muscles and getting them ready for movement. Start by foam rolling which will get blood flowing to the tissues as well as improve flexibility. Or start with a basic warm up as follows:

10 Inchworms

10 alternating lunges

10 pushups

10 supermans

10 air squats

Cardio of choice (10 min)- I’m partial to rowing but that is because I find it to be the most effective total body workout that is low impact.

Now you are ready to sculpt and tone! These moves are designed for the newbie but can be progressed for those out there who want more of a challenge! Go through the following routine a total of 3-5 times.

Start with 10 pushups (legs up or can be done on knees to make it easier). Keep core tight throughout movement


Squats X10- Butt back and down, keep weight on your heels and drive knees out. Work those glutes, hamstrings and calves. Do at a fairly quick pace. Make sure knees stay back and don’t come over the toes.


Banded side step- Walking back and forth for a total of 1-2 minutes. Same as the squat movement but you want to make sure you keep tension on that band at all times. Take a big step out to the side and then let your other leg follow with a little step.


Booty lift X20 on each side- Get down on all 4’s, shoulders over wrists. Kick leg back and up to work that booty!


Hollow hold- hold for 30 seconds to a minute. Start lying on your back. Keep back pressed into the mat or floor- do not let it arch up! Next raise shoulder blades off of the ground and then extend both legs up and hold! The lower your legs are the harder it is!


Toe taps- 20-30 top taps each side. Same positioning as hollow hold but this time you will extend one leg down while the other stays at a 90 degree angle. Tap toes to the floor then come back to center. That’s one. Do 20 on one side then repeat on the other side.


Lastly- Supermans! 20 total. Such a great way to strengthen your back and tone those glutes. Lie face down on your stomach with legs extended. Keeping arms and legs straight, lift both at the same time, squeezing your butt and raising arms up next to head. Hold for 2-3 seconds then lower and repeat for 20. Image

There you have it! Take this new workout and try it out! It’s always good to introduce new gym routines to keep from getting bored or plateauing. Add some interval training to this routine and you’re on your way to feeling amazing in no time!

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