Warm up the right way! + My Super Saturday Workout

Ever heard of movement prep? Well there’s a new and better way to start your workout and it’s called movement preparation. Similar to a dynamic workout, movement prep takes your body through a series of movements, similar to what you will be doing with your workout. An example of this would be super mans, box jumps, burps, pushups, or glute bridges, if say you had a workout that included box jumps, burps, back muscles, and movement involving shoulders and chest. There’s tremendous value in this type of movement as with any dynamic workout prep as you are warming up the muscles and increasing flexibility as opposed to statically stretching the muscles which does not prepare the muscles for movement at all! Skipping an essential warm up can be very dangerous and detrimental. Think about it- would a power lifter go into a 300lb lift right away? Not a chance! The body needs a good 15 minutes at least to warm up and by spending this time warming up correctly, you can ensure a more effective and safe workout!

Here is a sample routine:

High Knees
Butt Kicks
10 inchworms
20 Walking Lunges
Runners lunge or world’s greatest stretch

Row 500-1000m

20 air squats

20 supermans

20 bridges

20 v-ups

You’re now ready to enter your workout!

My workout for today consisted of

1000m row


10 Wall balls

10 box step ups with weight

Repeat 3X

30 Pull ups

20 front squats

 Shoulder Side raise+Strict press

10 pushups with feet on medicine ball

1 min Bicycles

1 min toe touches

20 burpees




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