Welcoming the 2014 New Year with Hospitality at its Finest

Ringing in the new year typically does not involve much for my boyfriend and I. A nice dinner out possibly followed by a local house party at a friend’s seems to suffice and this year was no different. 365 days of dating in 2013 means multiple decisions, memories, love, laughter, and a few (okay more than a few) dinners out. Many which include planning, but for whatever we reason we failed this year to book a dinner reservation on time, which left us with few choices or many pricey ($300!) reservations. Resolution: communicate better in 2014 and book a restaurant months in advance. We were fortunate enough to get into a seemingly classy place, known as Union Bar and Grille, in the south end location of Boston. A Dietitian and foodie at heart, I pick my restaurants based on their menu, and had my eyes on the filet mignon with black truffle, robouchon potatoes, and red wine sauce paired with a 2011 Justin cabernet sauvignon, california. Yes please!

The night started out perfect. We called up an Uber car and arrived an hour before our reservation in order to enjoy each other’s company over a few glasses of wine/cocktails/etc. After enjoying my “Union Spritzer,” we were called to get seated 45 minutes before our reservation! “Wow, this place isn’t so bad,” I thought to myself. We were seated at a lovely table away from the large parties and noise and quickly greeted by our waitress for the night. “Welcome to Union, we hope you enjoy your experience..yada yada yada..oh and just so you know we are out of the filet for the night.” My heart sank and being the irish lady that I am, I could barely keep my temper under control as I practically spewed “Are you kidding me?! THAT’S WHY WE CAME HERE! HOW THE HELL DO YOU RUN OUT OF FILET ON NEW YEAR’S?! Who is your chef or manager? They clearly are new and do not know how to plan for such big nights and events!” The words seemed to slip out even as my face flushed with embarrassment. I couldn’t help myself though. How DO YOU run out of filet on New Year’s Eve? I was crushed and upset and my night of perfect was ruined ( I do not deny I am a complete drama queen). Regardless, Adam and I were stuck having to order the Sole, which was completely bland if we do say so ourselves. Our other options were venison or wild boar…no thank you.

I was pleasantly surprised though when the general manager, Greg, came over to our table and offered to run to the local grocery store right down the street! No, I’m not kidding. He put on a jacket and physically left the restaurant seeing how upset I was. He completely went out of his way to try and turn our night around. He provided us with a gift certificate to come back, which would have been enough, but also comped our meal. He continuously checked on us and made sure there were no other glitches to our evening at the restaurant. He showed us what hospitality is all about, especially in an industry that seems to have forgotten what customer service is. He really brought the meaning of hospitality to the hospitality industry! I was highly impressed with his patience, service, and kindness to Adam and I and just want to thank Greg for all that he did. Did the food continue to stink? Yes- my bread pudding was dried out and my oysters were covered in cheese, but those little things can quickly be forgotten and forgiven due to Greg’s incredible service. I’m sure Adam also appreciated his generosity, as it did wonders to calm me down 🙂

So, while we likely will not return to Union bar and grille, we at least entered the New Year with a positive spirit, hope, love, and laughter 🙂

Thanks Greg!

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