Pan Asian Flair Night with Blog and Tweet Boston

Happy November Boston! It’s been a little over a year since my travels to this now adored city, and so much has happened! When I first moved to the city from my small hometown of Rochester,NY, I daringly joined a group of inspiring, respected, talented, and lovely bloggers. Half introvert, half extrovert, I challenged myself to get involved with as much as the city had to offer, promising myself that I would make the most of my experience here, however long it should last. That led me to of course joining this group of amazing writers, known as Blog and Tweet Boston. I was welcomed with open arms and surprisingly felt comfortable around this group of total strangers pretty immediately.

As winter is now right around the corner, I relish the experiences I have had with this group. I was even lucky enough to get together with them this past Wednesday where we enjoyed a multi course dinner at #MoksaCambridge. The Pan Asian restaurant serves a variety of asian-inspired tapas alongside their famous cocktails and/or wine.

Upon arrival, we chatted and toasted, until we were taken to their back bar where we were served up a warm apple cider with rum and pineapple chunks! We even got to take our mason glasses home! After drinks we were seated at a large table and presented with our own menus of which to choose our meal and accompanying cocktails from. Each course was accompanied with a delicious cocktail or wine of choice 🙂


We started out with two different dumplings as well as a dish known as Tako Yaki, or the Octopus Ball (sounds really gross but is incredibly delicious!). With this I chose a delightful cocktail to go alongside.


Our next course was a butternut squash soup with a delectable coconut infused curry drizzle over top. At the bottom of the soup I was greeted with edamame beans, which was a nice surprise and crunch to the otherwise rich and creamy soup. I decided to pair the soup with their Fall Manhattan cocktail, a bourbon drink with cider and honey.


The following course was a spicy tuna dumpling over guacamole and a thai mango sauce. Yummy! I believe there were little bits of mango atop the dumplings as well, which were cool and refreshing with the spicy tuna. The amount of guacamole served was just right and again Moksa did a nice job pairing smooth textures with crunchy ones. For this, I think I chose a Hungarian wine as my beverage of choice. It’s not often you see a wine from Hungary on the menu, which is just another unique aspect of Moksa!


We were then presented with three options for the main course. I of course chose the seven spice crusted salmon with bok choy and rice over masaman curry. Salmon is packed with omega-3’s and I couldn’t pass up the sound of this dish! The flavors were so unique, the fish cooked to perfection, and the sauce serving as the perfect accompaniment to the salmon. I adore sauces that are served with food, maybe because I’m a BBQ and ketchup lover, or simply because it can really tie all of the flavors of the dish together. This sauce did just that.


Alas, after full and happy bellies (part food part due to the 5 cocktails), it was time to end with dessert. A warm coconut rice pudding with pumpkin was the perfect way to end this social gathering. The best cocktail by far was the milk and honey that I chose to pair with this dessert.


Warm brandy, Boston honey, and roobios, what more could you ask for? AH-MAY-ZING!


All in all, such a fun night with new friends and old! Moksa was incredibly generous too and even provided us with goody bags to take home! I had a wonderful time and can’t wait to take my boyfriend and friends back for sushi and more cocktails. I’ve been raving about Moksa ever since I left Wednesday night so if you haven’t checked it out already, get your butt over to Cambridge for a meal you’ll never forget.

Moksa provided this meal complementary to the bloggers of #blogandtweetboston, yet my opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by this.

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