Friday Night Date Night

It’s already going to be one of those days I can tell. The kind where the rain has cleared and the sun is shining, the kind where I haven’t yet managed to get coffee grinds mixed in with my coffee (a not so rare occasion..I suppose I haven’t mastered the art of coffee making yet), and the kind where you smile from ear to ear all day long because..well..its going to be one of those days!

It’s Friday, the ONE day of the week that I don’t have any work obligations and where I don’t have to solve the week’s problems. I can forget about them until Monday. But on a higher note, it’s Date Night 🙂 Between the Bachelorette, working nights, bocce, buying a condo, my boyfriend doing his real estate “stuff,” my boyfriend and I function side by side on a daily basis without much of an exchange except our 10 min(if that) compressed account of our day before drifting of to sleep. The weekends are ours to catch up on our week and revel in each other’s stories, accomplishments, and happenings. It’s quite exciting for this foodie as we often frequent “special” restaurants, the kind with gracious hospitality, glamorous surroundings ( enough to excite and inspire), artfully displayed cuisine that pleases all of the senses, and offerings that demonstrate devotion to seasonality. I never was one for Red Lobster. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with how many great restaurants are in Boston, this city I now call home. After spending countless hours reading restaurant reviews and blogs, I usually am able to decide on one, but luckily tonight is Adam’s turn to choose 🙂 It’s cute to see how excited he gets for date night like I do and it’s touching because I know he took the time to pick someplace really unique and special for us.

And as we’ve carved out the same routines from day to day – gyms, dry cleaners, grocery stores, laundry, vaccuum..etc., this time is especially important to us to escape from it all, even if just for a few hours.

So, as I lay here in bed at 10:40am, because I can, I urge you to let today be a good day 🙂

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