Whittling Waistlines with Protein Pancake Heaven


My typical go-to breakfast consists of DD eggs and ham with a medium coconut coffee (1 splenda please!). Simple, packed with protein, and oh so yummy. Sometimes though, you need a good pancake for breakfast. And this morning was one of those days. But, of course, many (including myself) are faced with the dilemma of creating a pancake that is both nutritious and delicious. Some people can scarf down a whole stack of flapjacks and still looking phenomenal. Yup, not me. I eat a stack with a drizzle of light syrup and end up looking like an oompa loompa (as I often tell my bf). It makes me slightly bitter and I’m super jealous of others who can shove cokes down their throat and not gain a pound but such is life I suppose. I therefore stick with eating paleo with a twist and one sunny morning I made it my mission to create a “paleoesque” pancake.

You might be asking: Soooo, how does one make such a carb loaded, insulin spiking breakfast less damaging on the waist?

If you love a pancake that is easy to make, high in protein, tastes indulgent, but is also nutritious, this pancake is definitely for you! It has a nice texture and I love the way the warm blueberries pop in my mouth.

Protein Packed Blueberry Pancakes (Each contains roughly 6-8g protein!)

I apologize ahead of time as I often don’t measure I just kind of make recipes up as I go so this recipe unfortunately will not have all of the ingredient amounts

1C almond flour

1/4 cup (not even!) Trader Joes Pumpkin Pancake/Waffle mix for a nice spicy flavor

1 egg

1/4 Cup EVOO (can also use coconut oil)

1 Scoop Chocolate protein powder

Handful of blueberries

1 packet truvia

1 TBSP almond butter

dash cinnamon


Mix it all up and pour into the pan to make pancakes! Cook on low to medium heat. Typically takes about 3-5 min to cook. 


DELICIOUS! Give it a try and let me know whatcha think! (p.s. a touch of vanilla extract is also a tasty addition)

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