Friday’s Festivities and Lessons Learned/C2 pilates

photo-11photo-9photo-2photo-7photo-8A lot has happened since I last posted on here. I was invited along to do a talk show on Radio Entreprenuers, I assisted in a cooking demo for a local athletic club, received my training in barre, and today started off my day with a Barre class at C2 pilates in South Boston. I had read of C2 Pilates and their Barre class and since I live in Southie, decided to give another version of this hot workout a try.

I was not impressed. I should have known from the start as the instructor was an overweight woman, which gave me total confidence that the movements she was about to take my cross fit conditioned body through would be effective. Yeah right. Like other barre classes there was the use of balls, bands, weights, but the movements were not synced with the rhythm of the songs. Furthermore, barre is designed to be free of stress and strain and the body. My knees cracked a total of 15 times in today’s class- 15 times! That right there was a sign that something wasn’t right with this class. As we continued to move through the sequence I only hoped and prayed I would not need a trip to the ER and thanked god that none of the women currently in the class had joint, hip, or muscular problems, which if they keep attending barre at C2 pilates, they are sure to soon have.

Now I am not a barre pro, but after training, there a few tips you should know before going into a barre class.

1) each movement is slow and precise while being controlled. Our movements in this class were quite the opposite (see video to follow)

2)Many exercises emphasize alignment and stability. I felt like we were flying through the class without instruction.

The instructor failed to correct anyone’s incorrect movements (and trust one was doing them right). When tucking was involved, it was not mentioned that these movements should be small so as not to place stress on spine and I cringed as I saw many of the girls over tucking. Another key movement is the relieve in which the heels are lifted off the ground. It should mentioned that while in relieve, the heel should not be held as high as possible so as not to put stress on the knees and flexor hallucis longus. Doing this is considered a “bad” exercise for the ankle and foot and can really lead to harm.

I posted a video as I just couldn’t resist as you’ll see. Last time I checked, I was attending a barre class, not a ghetto dance class. “Lean back” should not be part of any barre routine. We also did running mans in place (um excuse me?) The class couldn’t have ended sooner and while my legs were burning by the end, it was very different from the other barre studios I have attended and I will not be back. If you want to try out Barre in Boston i recommend pure barre, boston body pilates (excellent!!) as well as the bar method. The instructors are all great (and in shape!) and will ensure that the movements you do are safe and effective. Lesson learned: I do not recommend C2. 

Low and behold the class is over. So what else happened in my week? I was invited via my boss Laura Hartung, RD to be on a radio show! You can click the posted link to hear us as we spoke on kale, kind bars, and reducing sugar in the American diet. Woot woot! what a blast that was! Most americans don’t realize how much sugar we take in in a day but 88grams people! that kind of looks like whole whole glass of water if you’re trying to picture! I also had the chance to attend a few college health fairs, in which we promoted KIND and provided body fat analysis testing. Fun right? The students loved it and so did I!

What else did I do this week?


Last night, I went to CrossFit Southie to do the Open WOD 13.4, which is a short 7-minute workout of an ascending ladder of increasing reps of clean and jerks and toes-to-bar. Seemed easy but boy was it tough as is every workout. The weight for women is 95 pounds, but I’m not quite there yet so I did 75. My 1RM is only 110 so 95 seemed like a far reach to do 12 reps of. I finished with total reps 53..not half bad.

My bf’s mom is in tonight so tonight we will be hitting up a few restaurant hot spots, Haru sushi and Market by jean georges! Ugh can you say get ready for food coma??!

ANyways more to come soon! Thanks so much for making time for me:)
Have a wonderful weekend!