The Ripe Stuff: My first cleanse

This morning I started my day off with a cup of “Morning Joe.” and while you might be thinking your usual cup of coffee, you’re wrong. Instead, I started my day off with a green juice made of kale, spinach, romaine, celery, cucumber, green apple, and ginger. It kind of tastes like grass-but in a cup. So why am I drinking this stuff? You’re probably thinking- HELLO aren’t you the girl who passed out on one of these other fad diets (and that was reall food!) Yup, that was me, but…listen. First off, let me say that I do not believe in detoxes or most cleanses. As a nutrition professional, I agree that your body naturally cleanses itself so by no means do you need a juice cleanse. However, after being sick for a week and a half and hardly being able to exercise I felt a little blah and lazy and honestly kept getting hit in the face with facts about all the health benefits of fruits and vegetables! I admit my diet has been lacking, and what better way to get back on track? Besides, my gym, Crossfit Southie, just began the Whole 30 challenge, and I wanted to get a taste of what that might be like for a day.

SO, today I started my 1 day cleanse. Which might sound silly, as it’s only a 1 day cleanse, but honestly, I don’t think I could do more than a day. I’ve had the first 3 juices, and I’m STARVING! I feel energized I must admit, but it’s hard to ignore the rumbling sensation in my tummy. The diet consists entirely of fruits vegetables and spices- where’s the protein?! This is hardly sufficient to keep one full, especially considering the lack of fiber in this cleanse as well.I’m supplementing with almonds and lentil chips to keep me satisfied before my 530pm run (god help me!). The diet suggests noshing on celery and avocado if you must, but as all RD’s will tell you, you need some protein! Especially for an avid athlete such as myself 🙂

Furthermore, let me say that I would recommend a cleanse to someone who wanted to do it, but it must be approached with caution. So far I’m doing good- no passing out 🙂

SO why specifically did I choose “The Ripe Stuff?” Well for beginners the owner is a 20-something female who started her this business from scratch! And she’s local- I came across her ad at one of my bar method classes- so I just had to support. And, it’s a) low in sugar-relatively and b) Easy to follow- you can choose to do just a one day cleanse if desired and the juices are delivered fresh to your door! Some other cleanses required at least a week plus 3 weeks of eating vegan, raw, etc before starting the cleanse and that just seemed like a little much to me.C) The juices came in really cool flavors (I chose the corporate cleanse) boring I know, but you could choose from flavors such as:

Pina Colada
Sour Apple Martini
White Russian

Hello yummy! what’s not to love! As well as

A New Leaf

Fall Foliage
Apple Picking
Weekend Getaway
Daylight Savings

I went with the corporate cleanse, because, well..I’ll be doing the cleanse while at work! It’s now 3:30pm and I’m still very energized and my hunger has started to subside.. a little. I’ll most likely have a real wholesome dinner tonight (no juices for me!). but I’m glad I at least stuck with the juices for my other meals and snacks. I definitely feel more focused, though deprived, yet I don’t find myself craving sweets like I usually do on a daily basis.

Furthermore, while I don’t feel like my digestion has improved or changed in any way, I didn’t suffer any stomach pains today! (yay for someone with IBS, who normally experiences discomfort). Hopefully this cleanse, “cleansed,” me, helped remove toxins, and “reset” my body- putting it back into balance after the poor eating habits and sickness wrecked my health.

As far as taste goes, I do like the other juices- they’re not half bad! And I get almond milk mixed with cinnamon as my “late night tv snack.” I’m enjoying that I don’t have to plan my meals or snacks- I can simply grab and go and what’s not to love about the convenience of that (I got to sleep in an extra 15 min today!)

So, would I do it again? Most definitely! I feel bad that I wasn’t strict with it and perhaps that negated the effects of the cleanse- but I did still reap many of the benefits. I provided my body with easy to absorb nturients and plentiful nutrients from fruits and vegetables at that. Research shows that most Americans don’t get enough fruits and vegetables in their diets, so this is definitely one great way to ensure adequate intake, while feeling EXTRA healthy. I was provided with the following nutrients (that I may not be getting on a daily basis), which as you can see have huge benefits!


Lowers Cholesterol, helps excrete acids to promote alkalinity, lowers risk of cancer because of it’s high concentration in flavonoids, strongest aid in detoxification

High in Folic Acid, Vitamin K, Iron and Calcium, high concentrations of lutien fight cancer

Vitamin C and betacarotene keep the heart healthy by preventing oxidation

A strong diuretic because it is rich in potassium and sodium, helping to regulate fliud balance

Relieves indigestion, hydrating, and the magnesium and potassium help regulate blood pressure

Green Apple
Contains a number of flavonoids that prevent cancer, amounts of pectin, sodium, magnesium, and potassium aid in blood purification

High amounts of antioxidants and vitamin C, which fight cardiovascular disease and cancer, purify the liver and aids in digestion

Aids in digestion, also contains gingerols which act as anti-inflammatories

High in phytonutritients called betalains which aid in detoxification and purify the liver. Also act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, high in iron

High in betacarotene, vitamin C, and lutien, which help fight cancer, promote good vision and good cardiovascular health

Aids in digestion and acts as anti-inflammatory, supports healthy immune system

I at least feel like I filled up my nutrient tank, just in case it was depleted 🙂 This wasn’t intended for weight loss purposed, but simply to try and reboot my health. Additionally, because many detoxes and cleanses are al lthe rage, I only felt like it was appropriate to try as I’ll most likely be working with clients someday who have done a cleanse or will be cleansing. I like the fact that I’ll be able to better put myself in their shoes and understand. As counselors, I feel like we should be able to understand, and what better way than to experience this for myself?

#cleanse #juice

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