The best stuff comes from yogurt

I’m serious! the yogurt choices at the supermarket for limitless, and then came…GREEK YOGURT! and let’s be honest…who isn’t obsessed with Greek yogurt? Greek yogurt was born from yogurt, and when it came along, every other yogurt was pushed aside to make room for this new king of yogurt. Then they all tried to become greek yogurt. Why? because it’s fucking awesome! It has less sugar, is thicker, and has 2X the protein! Hello! In my opinion, this stuff is awesome. 


Yogurt tastes great and is being used in more dishes worldwide due to its versatility and nutrition profile. Some of the best dishes I have had have been made with yogurt (can you mac salad without the mayo and froyo?) By using yogurt, you save money annnddd calories!


And it gets even better. Now you can enjoy all of your favorite thick and creamy dressings for less calories and fat, but still loaded with flavor! Check out bolthouse farms creamy yogurt dressings. 

*45 calories

* 2.5 g of fat

* 2g of sugar

YES PLEASE! and that’s for the Cesar Parm

The chunky blue cheese scores even higher with only 35 calories thank you very much. 35 for chunky blue cheese! Other varieties include classic ranch and honey mustard..and let me tell you these dressings are delicious! You absolutely cannot tell the difference.

So what are you waiting for you little fat americans? Jump on this and wittle those waistlines!

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