Dessert for Breakfast: But Healthy!

February is national Hot breakfast month, so on the 1st of the month, I find it suiting to post about breakfast. I actually had this for lunch as I was lucky enough to get out of work early. And let’s be honest, not all of us have time to make a decadent breakfast in the morning. Hence, the creation of FRENCH TOAST in a cup! I’ve always been curious for new breakfast ideas, so when I started getting sick of my everyday eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, I stumbled upon this creation all my own.


You see, Cooking is relaxing to me, until I get to the point of impatience when I’m ready to indulge in what I made. I absolutely have no patience for extensive recipes that take more than 20 minutes. God bless those of you that do. So when I started feeling hungry for something sweet, my new favorite meal was created. My boyfriend and I used to make the richest stuffed french toast for breakfast, but it was very heavy and got old fast. So when I started craving something low-carb, cinnamon, and sweet, the french toast in a cup was created!

It’s love in a cup and absolutely delicious! I racked my cupboards and this is what I put together:

Take a mason size jar or old peanut butter jar. 

1) Dip low carb multigrain (or whole wheat or oat or whatever bread you desire) in 3 eggs with a dash on cinnamon- like you would for regular french toast. Pull bread (2 slices) apart and place in bottom of jar. Next. Take 1 banana and chop up and layer over bread. Feel free to mix in chico chips and nuts in between layers 

Then, pour 1/4 c oats into jar. Add more bread if desired, more banana, maybe some apples, and finally top off with rest of egg mixture. I then like to add peanut butter as well but that is optional. 


Pop in microwave for 2.5 minutes and voila! delicious, yummy, warm french toast in a cup! Feel free to top off with more nuts and yogurt 🙂 Picture is below! May not look the best but is FANTASTIC i promise!


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